Thursday, 19 August 2010

T&T Competition

Ask any of my friends what single word they would use to describe me, and I have no doubt that they would all answer the same: "generous".(or possibly selfless, it's a toss-up really).

And it is with this trademark generosity that I announce a most exciting initiative.

You see, to celebrate the forthcoming relaunch of my beloved agency, I have decided to offer one lucky brand an entire T&T developed advertising campaign completely gratis. No agency fee whatsoever . All you would have to pay for is media and a small amount for production.

So, if you feel your brand, product, company or charity could do with some Trunchpole magic, regardless of how big or small it may be, please write to me at, explaining your needs. From all the entries I will then select the worthiest winner.

Good luck!!


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

T&T University

As you are all aware, T&T will be an agency whose creative department will be most unconventional. Though directed and guided by my trusty board, it will be a department of unlimited creative minds from around the world, all contributing remotely.

Clearly T&T's success will therefore rely on a great degree of participation from passionate, eager, motivated, creative minds. Traits, I find, are notoriously associated with the young.

It strikes me then that T&T would be wise to make an attempt to form partnerships with as many advertising colleges, courses and universities as it can. Perhaps even going so far as to encourage colleges to include working on live T&T open briefs as part of their syllabus. Just think how wonderful it would be as a student to get the opportunity to see your work actually get made. And to get paid for it too!

This involvement at college level would ensure that T&T is automatically ingrained into the psyche of the next generation of advertising greats. It would also allow T&T to benefit from their young, fertile and digitally literate minds.

Anyway, as always I would be delighted to hear any thoughts or suggestions any of you may have on this matter.