Friday, 1 April 2011

Trunchpole Awards 2011 - call for entries

Back in the 1950's, long before The Clio's or the One Show was even conceived of, the only award worth winning was a Trunchpole Award (or Trunchy, as they were affectionately known).

I created the Trunchies with one thing, and one thing only, in mind: to recognise the very best in creative excellence across the world. Needless to say, for the 11 years that the Trunchies ran all but 3 of the awards given out went to my agency, Trunchpole & Trunchpole.

Well, It gives me a great deal of pleasure to announce that the Trunchies are back! And this time I promise not to enter myself.

As of today I will be accepting entries in the following categories.

1. Film (paid for media)
2. Film (unpaid for media)
3. Press
4. Poster/Outdoor
5. Radio
5. Digital (websites and the like)
6. Social Media
7. Miscellaneous

Please email all submissions (pdf's, links, jpegs, whatever you see fit) to

The deadline for submissions will be the 15th of May 2011.

Good luck!


Monday, 14 March 2011

Man of the year 1942

Many thanks to Emma Hirst at Advertising Age for digging up this gem from their archives. Sadly, on account of a particularly unbalanced critique of one of my Colgate commercials, I sent the accolade back barely 6 months after receiving it.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

T&T Partnerships

The next (and most exciting) phase of T&T’s return to glory will involve the forming of strategic partnerships with a select number of the world’s finest and most progressive agencies. Agencies with a social conscience. Agencies with an appetite to do something, how should I say……..a little different.

If you happen to work at such an agency, and have the authority to sanction such an exciting partnership, do please get in touch with me at for more details.