Wednesday, 30 June 2010

T&T senior appointments

After much thought, soul searching and whisky I have decided which individuals I would like standing directly behind me in the T&T enterprise. These people, who have been chosen for their creative excellence, will be my eyes and my ears, my men on the ground, my Johnny’s on the spot, if you will. They will be the foot soldiers of everything Trunchpole, and I will expect much from them. In return they will be showered with the glory and prestige that naturally comes with their posts.

If you are one of them, congratulations.
If you are not, there is always time.

Founder: Cornelius Trunchpole
Chairman: Cornelius Trunchpole
Executive Creative Director: Cornelius Trunchpole

Creative heads:

Susan Credle
Chris Beresford-Hill
Seth Fried
Amir Farhang
Ben Walker


Megan Sheehan
Kevin Butler
Carlos Wigle
Alerbto French
Marco Cignini
Trevor bittinger
Brian Novoa
Branden Kramer
JD Beebe
Aiden Bordner
Erhan Ali Yilmaz
Julianna Cobb
John Mucha
Adam Kornblum

Monday, 14 June 2010

Ben Nevis brief

A cracking idea from Alberto French.

In Alberto's words:

Nevis Whiskey: It's too good for you.

Nevis Whiskey is liquid manna squeezed from the teat of angels. An intriguing blend full of interesting smells and notes. Beautiful organics. A playfulness of sweet and sour. It is precious. In fact there are only two lakes good enough to provide the water for this whiskey. This is not a mass produced. Nevis employs very strict quality controls on their whiskey. And these quality controls extend to our customers as well. Not to be cruel, but it is most likely too good for you. Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public.

Like the most respectable Scottish schools, Jordanhill, Williasmwood and Cults, Nevis Whiskey, the most respectable of whiskeys, requires only the most respectable of people.

So, if you want a bottle of Ben Nevis you will have to apply for one. Before a bottle of the world’s most respected whiskey is bestowed Nevis will need to know your qualifications. They want to know that you’re up to snuff, that you’ll have the proper appreciation for the product.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

T&T's first open brief!

Living for 40 years in the shadow of Ben Nevis, I became more than a little familiar with the Ben Nevis distillery, the oldest in Scotland. Through years of patronage (I’ve always been partial to a distillery tour) I developed a love of both the Ben Nevis single malt, and the people who produce it (my housekeeper Winona even uses it to make a most spectacular "flaming spotted dick").

However, outside of the small town of Fort William, not a soul has heard of it. Which is where you, the people of Trunchpole & Trunchpole come in.

On the 18th of June I will be paying Ben Nevis a visit to talk them through how T&T will turn them into the most respected whisky in the world.

All I need now is your ideas.

And remember, think big.

P.S. individuals who excel on this brief will be considered for starring roles in the agency.

Monday, 7 June 2010

T&T logo finalists.

I've pored over the countless logo designs I've been sent and have selected the final four candidates. As T&T is a democracy (of sorts) I will now put these designs to you, my future employees, to pick a winner.

And may I quickly say thank you once again to everyone who submitted a design. It proves the people of T&T are indeed the most creative on the planet.

P.S. A special award goes to the wonderful Megan Sheehan for her ingenious "Corny knows" T-shirt design. If you'd like to order one, best speak to Megan (T-shirt production and distribution is not my forte).

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I’ve bought a new suit!

Despite my continued internment at a US immigration centre, I took the time last week to instruct my tailor, Henry Poole & Co. of Savile Row, to cut me a brand new white linen suit for the summer. The thought of hotfooting round New York in it, light as a feather, is pretty much the only thing keeping me going right now.