Thursday, 11 November 2010

Back online!

You may have noticed that Cornelius' Corner has been a tad quiet of late. Well, rather embarrassingly the reason behind this is that, to put it simply, I completely forgot my password for the account.

Now, this may seem like an easy enough thing to do for someone of my age, but, for a man who twice won "Schoolboy Memory of the Year" at prep school, and whose recall skills made him a key member of British Army's "Nazi Spy Facial Recognition Team", I have found this development in my mental well being most alarming. So much so in fact that I have visited my doctor and requested a series of most intrusive physical examinations. CAT scans, CT scans (which apparently do not stand for Cornelius Trunchpole), X-Rays and, just to be on the safe side, a colonoscopy to boot.

If I do indeed receive the dreaded diagnosis of Alzheimer's, I will of course dedicate the rest of my life to finding a cure.

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