Monday, 7 June 2010

T&T logo finalists.

I've pored over the countless logo designs I've been sent and have selected the final four candidates. As T&T is a democracy (of sorts) I will now put these designs to you, my future employees, to pick a winner.

And may I quickly say thank you once again to everyone who submitted a design. It proves the people of T&T are indeed the most creative on the planet.

P.S. A special award goes to the wonderful Megan Sheehan for her ingenious "Corny knows" T-shirt design. If you'd like to order one, best speak to Megan (T-shirt production and distribution is not my forte).


  1. While all worthy contenders, it's hard to pick between 1 and 2... 2 seems to have more of that inimitable Trunchpole snazz and pizzazz, but I do like the oblique Escheresque paradox of 1.

    Decisions, decisions.

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  3. Mr Trunchpole,
    I do not think anyone forget you. Advertising world will be moving with you again. As a young student I wish I could work with you. Success in your new destination. :) All of the logo looks nice. But, I liked the second and third logos of other logos more than. However , The third logo is more modern. It has a minimal type. Of course the decision is yours. :) I hope the best for you choose…

  4. Who is that exotic little man of mystery in number two? And more importantly, what is he smoking?... hands down winner that one.