Monday, 24 May 2010

America: first impressions.

Dear reader.

I am writing this from the squalor of a holding cell at US immigration. An environ a thought I’d never need revisit again. Despite this setback my first impressions of the United States have been exceedingly positive. The officials have been most polite, the air conditioning not too extreme and the food far superior to that which I was expecting. With any luck I should be released to proceed with my mission within 4 weeks.

In the meantime I would like to use this period of solitude to reflect on the reason I ventured to this land in the first place, to reestablish myself as the beating heart of the advertising world.

In order to achieve this goal I have two possible courses of action: join an existing agency (presumably as chairman), or set up my own.

For the latter I will of course need a willing and enthusiastic work force of likeminded individuals (if this sounds like you, do please get in touch).

I have much to ponder.

Yours Truly


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