Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Trunchpole & Trunchpole: a manifesto

Some of you may be wondering exactly how my agency, Trunchpole & Trunchpole will operate. Well, I will now attempt to explain.

The T&T project will be divided into two distinct phases. If you will permit me I would like to start by explaining the second of these.

Phase two of T&T will see it operate as a regular (albeit far superior) full service advertising agency running out of an office in New York City. It will have a full time staff of highly talented and creative people. It will produce world class work for fresh and exciting clients. All, of course, under the watchful eyes of yours truly.

When T&T can move into this second phase will depend entirely upon the speed at which its first phase can be completed.

Phase one is where, in true Trunchpole style, things become more than a little unconventional. It will see T&T operate as an agency without an office and without a full time work force. Instead of employees it will have volunteer partners (you?), who will help me rebuild my agency from wherever in the land they currently reside. Through a process of online dialogue and collaborative endeavor we will together work on briefs and win exciting new accounts.

Once we have enough of these accounts T&T will move swiftly into its second phase, whereupon it will instantly become the most exciting, original and devastatingly modern agency seen thus far in the 21st Century.

If you would like to be a part of this most exciting project, do let me know.

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