Monday, 24 May 2010

Trunchpole & Trunchpole: now recruiting!!!

I have made up my mind. I shall relaunch Trunchpole & Trunchpole! It was the greatest advertising agency of its generation and there is no reason why it cannot scale such heights again. (If you're wondering who the second Trunchpole was, he was me. As was the first. I just liked the sound of the repetition).

To ensure T&T's triumph I must of course secure the services of the brightest minds in the advertising world. I am therefore now actively recruiting the very best in Copywriters, Art Directors, Production Managers, Project Managers, Designers, Chefs, sommeliers, Musicians, Computer experts, Linguists, animal wranglers, cleaning staff and of course secretaries. I think I can probably do without Account Directors this time around.

If you would like to work at the greatest agency in the world, email your CV to

(or just drop me a line on Facebook)

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